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Childcare Needs Assessment

"Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future." - John F. Kennedy

Childcare is a topic of high importance and need for so many. Lack of childcare has ripple effects and can result in losing high-quality job recruits, potential workers staying out of the workforce to tend to their kids and/or loss of potential employees to other communities.
In Sheridan County we are fortunate to have a childcare home, Little Paws Daycare, in Selden, in partnership with USD 316 Golden Plains Elementary School as well as several wonderful private providers in Hoxie; however, currently, we are lacking enough daycare options for young families and/or those wishing to start families.
The Sheridan County Community Foundation along with two community-member committees are working to help determine and address the current childcare needs in our county. We invite any interested individuals/businesses to join us in our efforts.

Committee #1:  Non-Profit Partner Model
This committee will explore options to develop childcare options under a non-profit organization, such as the school, city, county, hospital, that can create attractive staff positions and have access to grant support. This group will also explore the establishment of funding partners to support the endeavor.
Committee #2:  For-Profit/Private Provider Support Resources
This committee will explore resources to support and incentivize existing and potential providers with an "infrastructural investment in childcare" by the county and communities therein in mind. Possible resources could include property tax discounts to providers; working with local banks to craft financing options in support of establishing a daycare purchasing equipment/supplies, etc.; setting up a shared resources portal for providers to collaborate; develop a volunteer network; tax/financial education for providers; start-up grants to assist new providers in acquiring licensing/training, etc.; and more.

Sheridan County Childcare Needs Assessment

To assess the real needs of the county, we are requesting feedback from parents and business owners.

Please take a few minutes to complete either survey as it applies to your situation. 

Survey responses are accepted until September 30. Thank you!

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Childcare Needs Assessment: About Us
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