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Jones and Ochs added to Foundation Board of Directors

The Sheridan County Community Foundation is pleased to welcome Brady Jones and Carson Ochs to its board of directors as part of their Youth Ambassador Program (YAP) High School Board Member Position.

These two students, Jones who will be a senior and Ochs will be a junior at Hoxie High School during the 2022-2023 academic school year, will serve on the foundation board sharing one vote among them.

This is the second year for the foundation board to have youth members serving.

“We look forward to having Brady and Carson provide a youth perspective to our board and the decisions we make regarding grants and other programming,” said Karl Pratt, executive director. “This year, we are also eager to work with them to help determine and spearhead a project that benefits area youth.”

The YAP board members will attend monthly meetings, help steer the course of the foundation’s programming, assist with foundation events and activities, and learn about philanthropy and community betterment. They were officially appointed to the board during the June 8, 2022, meeting, and will serve their one-year term from June 2022 until May 2023.

“I realize and appreciate how much community support the youth receives in this small town. This Foundation seems like a big part of that and I am curious how it operates. This opportunity seems like a great way to get youth to step up and actively participate in making our community the best it can be,” said Jones. He is the son of Shane and Leisha Jones.

Ochs stated, “I appreciate that this board takes the time to listen to input from high school students in the decision-making process. I feel that we have ideas that need to be heard and that is one of the reasons I want to be a member on this board.” He is the son of Patty Ochs and Gus Ochs.

The two student board members join Michelle Foote, chair; Jodi Rogers, secretary/treasurer; and fellow members, Whitney Bainter; Mike Mense; Teri Moss; Harry Joe Pratt; Danielle Schiltz; and William Slipke.

To view contact information for the YAP board members and all SCCF board members, visit www.growsheridancounty.ord/bod.

SCCF is an affiliate of the Greater Northwest Kansas Community Foundation based in Bird City. The foundation seeks to encourage, prudently manage, and distribute charitable contributions to improve the quality of life in Sheridan County residents, now and in the future. To learn more, contact Pratt at 785-675-1240,, visit Connect with SCCF at

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