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Sheridan County Daycare Duplex

"Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future." - John F. Kennedy



In 2021, the Sheridan County Community Foundation began efforts to help address the need for additional childcare providers in Sheridan County. The Foundation decided to build and furnish a facility in Hoxie, Kansas that can assist two new private childcare providers in opening their businesses serving families in need of childcare services in Sheridan County. The Foundation pursued grant funding to construct a two-unit duplex facility for these purposes. Land was donated by Sheridan County on which to construct the facility. Grant funds assisted in the construction costs of the facility as well as landscaping and outdoor play and parking areas in addition to interior furnishings including appliances, furniture, and start-up supplies. The Foundation created “SCCF Properties LLC” to hold ownership and manage the property and duplex facility.

The Foundation is seeking two candidates interested in housing their respective daycare businesses in our new facility.

The tenants/childcare providers must be or become fully-licensed for childcare services and continue to adhere to all rules and regulations as required by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment in order to lease space within our facility. Tenants/childcare providers must also operate their respective businesses at or as close to full capacity as allowed by KDHE regulations to ensure maximum impact of leasing the facility for daycare purposes. Furthermore, tenants/childcare providers must agree and adhere to all requirements and provisions as set forth in the rental agreement.


$500.00 per month plus utilities which will be in the tenants’ names.

The Foundation is offering a discounted rate of $400.00 per month plus utilities for the first six (6) months of operation while each provider grows their businesses after which time the full rate will apply. 

The Foundation may offer additional rental discounts at its discretion.

The lease term will be for one-year at a time, though, it will be preferred for serious candidates wishing to run their childcare business for several years consider applying.

Each unit includes three bedrooms, one bathroom with shower/tub combo, kitchen appliances, laundry appliances (in bathroom), a one-car insulated garage, and an above-ground storm shelter (located inside the garage). The Foundation aims to furnish the facility with as many of the start-up supplies and equipment as grant funding will allow. Tenants are responsible for the replacement of consumables and other items which may incur wear and tear, etc.

Rental revenue will be used by the Foundation for ongoing maintenance of the facility as well as adding a portion to the newly developed "Sheridan County Childcare Endowment Fund" which will be able to provide grant funding in support of childcare endeavors in Sheridan County.


The Daycare Duplex facility has been constructed and the Foundation has begun purchasing interior furnishings. We are currently working with a local contractor to complete the outdoor play areas. It is our goal that the facility can become operational with two providers in place, licensed, and ready to go by summer 2024. Rental agreements will be completed following the tenant determinations; however, rent payments will not commence until tenants have taken occupancy to begin running their childcare businesses.

At this time, we cannot use the facility for residential purposes (for the first three years of operation).



For consideration of tenancy, the Foundation has asked interested applicants to complete the application below. An in-person interview will be scheduled with all eligible candidates prior to the Foundation making lease offerings to two new private childcare providers.

Interested candidates wishing to tour the duplex facility and/or ask questions prior to applying can contact Sheridan County Community Foundation Executive Director at Karl Pratt 785-675-1240 to schedule a viewing.

Application Deadline:  April 15, 2024

Candidates contacted for interviews:  Week of April 22, 2024

Interviews completed:  End of April 2024

Tenant determinations announced: Early May 2024

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